Our vision

Freight One Group Inc. to be the number one choice for logistics as a result of our innovativeness, effectiveness and delivering high level customer service. We believe that this industry is based on trust, and  at Freight One Group Inc, we always fulfill our promises.

Our Vision

Our owner operators job give you the freedom of running your own business. At Freight One Group Inc, we offer you a OTR Routes with an 24/7 dispatch. 

Freight One Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our experience and expertise to build strong relationship with our customers and drivers that benefits all. We go above and beyond to ensure driver's safety, growth and efficiency through adopting leading technology. You play an integral part of our mission and together we are paving the road to success. We are focused on advocating for the drivers to create a safety platform and allow drivers to perform their job in the best condition. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR MISSION. 

Owner - Operators & Company Drivers



Work-Life Balance